All BodyBliss offerings are designed to gently and deliciously ease you into your body and your truest Self. Whether you’re dipping a toe or diving in, you’ll find:

  • Intentional, inclusive space
  • Activation of your Sensual Superpowers
  • Opportunities to connect with an amazing community of women

Explore our growing collection of on-demand courses for you to savor (or binge) at your pleasure. Some classes are movement-based, guiding you through the BodyBliss way of reconnecting with your body. Others invite you to contemplate a vast new landscape of possibility.

Topics include: slowing down for ease & ecstasy; getting to know your body’s unique blueprint; breath-work for pleasure; erotic sovereignty; giving and receiving; epic intimacy.


Live programs offer you a chance to connect in real time with Candace and your BodyBliss community. There’s a warm, welcoming, vibrant life energy that flows when we gather together! This is the perfect setting in which to awaken and activate your Sensual Superpowers.

“Candace, this has been truly Goddess-inspired and life-changing for me. I have so valued this beautiful, juicy (and sometimes naughty) container to feel into my body and connect with you all!!  XXXO” ~ Erin


A Mentorship with Candace is a deep, playful, and often transformative journey. You might find new ways of being that in the past didn’t seem possible - or weren’t even on your radar.

Whether you’re seeking self-love, personal clarity, or epic intimacy, I’ve got you. We'll be gently awakening your sensual superpowers and helping you hone them for your own massive benefit.

You’ll be lovingly seen, held, guided, and celebrated, as we anchor your new reality into your body and your life.

Bespoke BodyBliss Programming

Add a fun, easy BodyBliss component to your upcoming event or program. Bespoke BodyBliss classes create a uniquely delightful experience for your group. Enjoying a customized theme including music and movement, they’ll leave your gathering with a new sense of their authentic embodiment and connection with each other.