Virtual Mentorship

Ready to be supported in the most delicious and magical ways?

We all require tending in order to blossom fully.

Choosing to receive mentorship is next-level self-care.

It’s an expression of devotion to your growth, your unfolding, and your deservingness of support.

It's an opportunity for you to dedicate time and attention to the parts of you that are ready to blossom, to be fully seen and loved, in all their radiant fullness!

I have had the profound pleasure of witnessing the unfurling of hundreds of women into a new way of being. In my experience, this is only possible when we allow ourselves to receive inspiration from other women and pass along the gifts we have discovered.

I have incredible mentors myself, and it’s my honor to pass the torch to other women who are ready to step into their own limitless possibility.

Mentorship with me is fun.

Although the "work" we do together will likely have a profound impact on your life, the way we do it is more like play. We talk, we laugh, we listen to music and move our body when it feels right. I'll guide you through embodiment practices that will open you up to delight and ease. Within this magical container of relaxed, easeful, open connection, you'll notice we're actually awakening your sensual superpowers. These are powers you already possess, but some of them may have been dormant for a while. I'll show you how to activate them and use them for more radiant health, authentic joy, and epic intimacy.

Awakening your sensual superpowers

  • Blissful embodiment
  • Sensuality as: slowing down, savoring pleasure, and integrating sexual energy
  • Sacred surrender- softening, opening, allowing
  • Emotional alchemy for healing
  • Radical self-love & self-care
  • Boundaries & energetic sovereignty
  • Authentic dating and relationships
  • Communication for Epic Intimacy (trademark)
  • Masterful giving and receiving
  • Being here now- embodied meditation
  • High sex: the body as a portal to the divine

Mentorship Framework

The mystery of mentorship

Working with me is not an in-your-head experience. It's a full-body, heart-centered activation. It's less linear and more mysterious than traditional coaching. It’s a journey we embark on together without attachment to knowing exactly what will be revealed. Trusting the journey opens up vast possibilities. You'll likely experience new ways of being and living that not long ago didn’t seem possible or weren’t even on your radar.

Saying yes to this mentorship is an activation in itself. It signals your higher Self that you're ready for the deepest, truest parts of yourself to gently unfold. You will likely feel a very subtle softening at first, possibly even before we have our first session.


Mentorship framework details:

  • Throughout your mentorship, you’ll receive my exquisite attention and access to the gifts I embody. During our Zoom calls, I’ll be tuning into you and offering guidance and resources, depending on what arises in any given moment.
  • One 90-minute Invocation Session to kick things off
  • 3 60-minute Zoom sessions per month
  • You'll have access to direct messaging with me for the duration of your mentorship (text & voice)
  • I will share bonus treats with you when it feels right (recorded video classes, guided meditations, playlists, dance videos, etc.)
  • You may add hands-on BodyBlessings to go along with your mentorship for the deepest and most embodied experience.

Within this framework, the mentorship is a dynamic being and expresses an essence of its own.

I look forward to witnessing you in your glorious unfolding!

Mentorship Investment

3-month Private Mentorship $3,000
6-month Private Mentorship $6,000

payment plans available

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Clients say...

“Candace, I must share with you how you have influenced me and the world in which you play. You are a living example of alchemy.... moving disease, pain and anguish and turning it into real life transformation!”
- GuruNischan

"Somehow Candace is able to simultaneously bask and receive magnetically while generously/mischievously making others feel welcome and invited to feel the same way. I’ll have what she’s having!”
- Valerie V.

Applying for Mentorship

First, I’d love to learn a little more about you. Then, if it seems like you’re a great candidate for mentorship, we’ll set up a 60 minute consultation (phone or Zoom, your choice).

After that, if we both feel delighted and ready to move forward, we’ll discuss the details of your mentorship container.

Please complete this interest form and my team will contact you soon to set up a consultation.