Bespoke BodyBliss

Supplement your offering with an embodied experience.

BodyBliss weaves your teachings into physical form.

Whether you’re hosting a single event or an ongoing program, bespoke BodyBliss provides a gentle, deep embodiment component that flows right along with your offering.

When your students get into their bodies in an easy, pleasurable, deeply connected way, it helps them integrate what they’re receiving from you. 

A bespoke BodyBliss experience provides intentional time for your students to:

  • get out of their head and into their body
  • slip into a state of ease and flow
  • shower themselves in pleasure hormones, increasing their openness and connection
  • integrate the concepts you are teaching into a physically lived experience

BodyBliss is a sensual moving meditation practice that’s meant to be used in real life. The practice is designed to be flexible. It works exceptionally well in tandem with: personal expansion, spiritual awakening, and intimacy work.

At its core, BodyBliss is very very simple. It’s a body-based practice of being deliciously present with ourselves, whatever we are experiencing. It’s a practice of welcoming in all our parts, bringing our whole Self into our conscious and loving awareness.

BodyBliss strengthens the connection between what students are learning and what their body is experiencing. It’s a bridge for your content to bypass the resistance of the ego/mind and meet directly with the truth-telling doorway of their embodied presence. 

Another bonus: this deeply felt embodiment practice allows us to access fresh energy as well as rewire old patterns that have been lodged in the tissues. By moving and feeling our body in new ways, we press into the edges of what we have known in the past and begin creating new pathways for possibility. It’s the realm of conscious neuro-plasticity, explored in the most pleasurable ways.

The collaborative cauldron

BodyBliss is here to amplify and support the genius of your work.

  1. You and I will connect about your content, so that I have a deep understanding of your own personal magic and the unique power of your work. BodyBliss has its own wide range of vibrations. The intention is for my work to harmonize with your work, with the result being more powerful than the sum of its parts. ✨
  2. We’ll talk about the most opportune spots in your program for swirling in custom-created BodyBliss experiences. We’ll discuss possible formats:
    • one or more add-on events, to be held separately from your live classes
    • shorter experiences to be included in one or more of your live events
    • pre-recorded videos or audios to sprinkle throughout your program
  3. Your team + my team will handle the logistics (zoom links, etc). 
  4. You prepare to see your students responding in new ways to your life-changing content and activations. 💫

What’s the result?

Your students will be able to integrate your teachings more deeply into their body and nervous system. This is when lasting change really gets anchored in. 

You might also notice that they’re loving themselves more, asking deeper questions, having new insights into how your content applies to them, and opening up more with you and each other. 

Here’s a note I received from a student enrolled in a program which included bespoke BodyBliss:

“Hi Candace! The last session you held for us gave me sooo much life. Seriously had a massive breakthrough and it was in large part because of your immense light and space holding.”
- K. Johnson

A note from Candace

One of my favorite things in the whole world is connecting with brilliant women who are offering new paths for authentic, powerful, love-fueled living. It’s my profound honor to collaborate with you, as you light up the world with your gifts. 

If Bespoke Bodybliss feels like something you’d like to explore, please fill out the interest form below. I look forward to connecting with you and amplifying your genius!

With so much pleasure,



Connect with Candace

If you’re interested in exploring the possibility of bringing BodyBliss to your group, we’d love to hear from you. Please fill out this interest form, and our team will be in touch within three business days. Looking forward to connecting and co-creating!