Hi, beauty. I’m Candace Moss. It’s my pleasure to welcome you to BodyBliss: a space where women around the world access power and connection through their own bodies.

If it’s your first time here, I’d love to welcome you personally (see my adorable one-minute video below). After that, read about the women in our community, and consider joining us!

Who loves BodyBliss?

BodyBliss is for every woman who wants a deeper connection with herself and her body.
We’re women from all walks of life and many parts of the globe.
We are women who have tasted something amazing: pure joy, freedom, ecstasy, or connection.
We remember that feeling of being fully alive, lit up, and turned on.
We desire more of that!

We love to be in the flow

We’ve tried life in other ways: over-working, over-giving, planning, striving, thinking, pushing.
We know now that there’s another option: living with ease, pleasure, creativity, and flow.

We’re paying attention to our body, in a new way.

We sense that there’s more for us in life- and in our body- than we were taught growing up.
We’re open to experiencing more moments of peace, pleasure, and even ecstasy.
We know it’s our responsibility to reclaim the full range of our feminine power.
We sense that the secret lies in our bodies.

We know how good it feels to move.

We love to move our body, even though we sometimes resist it (yeah, occasionally we have to be seduced ;-).

We know the answers lie within us.

We’re not looking for a guru. We know that we have access to our own highest guidance within. We just need the space, time, and support to cultivate that connection with ourselves.
We love BodyBliss for the reminders of what, deep down, we already know.

We love to connect with other women.

Knowing we’re not alone replenishes us- physically, emotionally, energetically.

Some of us prefer watching on-demand videos at our own leisure. The connection we feel from these pre-recorded classes transcends time and space.

Some of us eagerly anticipate each live BodyBliss gathering. We love the warm, safe, intimate space and how our bodies seem to soften and open in the presence of other women.

Surprised & delighted

Those of us who practice BodyBliss are repeatedly surprised at how simple it can be- tapping into our own divine pleasure.
We feel astonished, delighted, and a little bit in disbelief.
This is the experience we’ve been longing for.
We lovingly give ourselves this mysterious gift, over and over again.

BodyBliss Offerings

Whether you’re looking for a little inspiration or a whole lot of support, we’ve got you.
On-demand courses for you to savor (or binge) at your pleasure.
Live gatherings for juicy connection and community.
Mentorship containers for being deeply seen, held, guided, and celebrated.

About Candace

I always loved dancing, whether it was a formal class, a dance club or a drum jam. No matter the style, my body has always come alive through movement. Although I studied dance through college, I let it go completely when I got married and became a mom. I had a subconscious belief that the movement I loved so much was an indulgence that I no longer had time for, something grown women didn’t do. 

But without that intuitive, non-linear, rhythmic expression, my body became rigid and disconnected. I lived more and more from my head, and I became more and more unhappy.

My great cracking open came one morning while the kids were at school. I was in between doing dishes and laundry. I opened my laptop and looked up a woman I had met the week before. She taught sensual movement in New York City. I had no idea what that meant. On her website I saw something that would change my life, in 30 seconds, forever. 


It was a video of a woman in a dark room with only a single red light. All I could see was the silhouette of her body. She was on a pole, but she wasn’t doing “tricks”. She was moving slowly, sensually, with total presence. She was surrendering to the music and to her own pleasure, in a way I had never witnessed before. I couldn’t see her face, and I didn’t need to. I could feel an ecstatic sense of aliveness emanating from her skin.

Unexpectedly, I began to cry. Tears were streaming down my cheeks. My chest was pumping and I found myself sobbing out loud. I sensed something cosmic was happening, but it didn’t make sense to my mind. Why on earth would this woman in motion have such a profound effect on me, cracking my soul wide open?

I know now that it was because my body had been yearning to be free. To have permission, time, and space to savor the pleasure of moving, of being, however I wanted. To connect with and adore myself. To experience my own body as something just for me.

I began to travel to New York, taking sensual movement classes each trip. After every single class, I felt transformed, as though all the questions and longings I had been storing up were being seen, felt, answered, set free, and integrated. I felt clear, strong, and bizarrely optimistic.

I began to let these feelings ooze out into my life, setting new standards and boundaries for myself, opening to my truest desires, and most of all: allowing myself to receive them. I noticed how all the “personal growth” I had worked on for years began to actualize in my life, once I lovingly brought my body on board. 

I’ve been facilitating sensual embodiment for six years now. I continue to learn from my students, who bring their raw authentic life force and share their profound insights. What’s most astonishing to me is how these instant pleasure-driven shifts in our bodies lead to massive transformation in our lives. It’s my pleasure to witness the benefits overflowing into BodyBliss students' health, career, relationships, and sexuality.

If you resonate with this kind of transformation, it would be my honor to support you in your own sensual embodiment.

Inspiration & Juicy Invitations

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the magic of BodyBliss

“That was so wonderful. I’m going to fall asleep with my desires making love to me all night long! Thank you again for that gorgeous experience.”

- Mallika