Welcome to BodyBliss

About BodyBliss


Welcome to BodyBliss, where heaven and earth come together in your body… and your life.

We are women who love getting out of our head and into delicious connection with our own body. We find that when we tune into ourselves this way, everything in life becomes easier, more authentic, and more fun.

We invite you to join us: experience the pleasure and power of your own sensual embodiment. Your body is a miracle, and you deserve to revel in it!

BodyBliss student experiences:

“This is the best I’ve felt in I can’t remember how long.” ~ Joclyn

“Thank you, Candace. That was such a turn-on and release. Perfect.” ~ Brie

“You create such a beautiful container that provides the perfect way to practice acceptance in my body.” ~ Aliyah

“Ummm, I think that was really life-changing. It’s like getting back in touch with the part of me that I didn’t know I lost. Thank you.” ~ Lisa

“I just want to say I’m also amazed at how much- even though I know how important and how good it feels- I can avoid moving. I somehow convince myself to stay there without moving. BodyBliss is a welcome shift. I’m so grateful to be part of this right now.” ~ Mary

“This was actually the longest amount of time that I’ve stayed connected. I felt like: I’m not gonna do anything but go really slowly and just feel what this feels like. And be in that pleasure for myself. If I’m stretching my muscles, it’s not because I “need” to stretch. No, it’s because it feels good. And I can move in a way that only feels good. And be present in my body. Oh wow, there’s so much possibility here.” ~ Sarita

“BodyBliss flipped my switch. I connected intimately with myself again, and I need more of that. It’s so good to have space for it, because otherwise I just forget. This is a reminder of that precious, precious thing. So thank you.” ~ Ruth

Featured Classes

Come check out our video-based classes. We gather live each month to connect with ourselves and each other. Join us! You’ll also find a growing collection of on-demand courses to inspire, guide, and support you.

Meet Candace

Hiiiii, I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Candace Moss, creator of BodyBliss.

It’s my greatest pleasure to share the magic of sensual embodiment with women around the world. Cultivating a deep and loving relationship with my body has transformed my life in the most incredible ways. My health, self-love, relationships, work, and sexuality have expanded into realms I never dreamed possible.

I love holding space for women and unexpected magic. It’s my pleasure to create strong soft containers so that every woman feels safe, held, and free to be her truest self. I’d love for you to join us.