Intuitive Pleasure-Guided Sensual Moving Meditation

Get present in your body with slow, stretchy, feel-good movement. With a touch of sensuality, you’ll recalibrate your pleasure compass and instantly become more magnetic. 

BodyBliss is: slow, soothing, selfish, sweet. Gentle, delightful, effortless, calming. Softening, opening, inviting, replenishing, grounding, balancing, replenishing, loving.

After class you might notice: attracting your desires, a lightness of being, ease, flow, inspiration, arousal, heightened senses, an optimistic outlook, confidence in your body, and more fun with your friends, lover and/or children.

BodyBliss is the opposite of working hard. Here’s to easy pleasure and effortless attraction!

Current Offerings:

New Moon Gatherings (live, virtual)
every month on or around the new moon

Private BodyBliss Sessions
1:1 live virtual sessions with Candace. 

  • Come exactly as you are
  • Be seen, held, soothed, and loved as you melt deeply into yourself
  • Ease-ful guided movement and meditation
  • Fun, playful connection that will leave you turned on and freshly inspired to create your most blissful life

Coming soon:

Stay tuned for the launch of the BodyBliss website and the following offerings, coming Winter 2022:

BodyBliss Classes (live, virtual)
like no other Zoom call you’ve ever experienced

Evergreen Classes and Programs
pre-recorded for you to absorb at your own pace whenever you desire

BodyBliss Sensual Sanctuary membership
full-length dance videos to soothe and inspire, new content delivered to you weekly

For details on current offerings, visit

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